Dead by Daylight has been running for 6 years now, and Behaviour Interactive has released an impressive amount of content and update in that time. Not surprisingly, it seems the developer has even more goodies in the works, and a new leak points to collaborative content coming sometime in the near future.

First up is a collaboration between Behaviour and Epic on their big-name games. The worlds of Fortnite and Dead by Daylight will collide with a Meg Thomas skin making its way to the Fortnite Item Shop, and Dead by Daylight players will be able to snag a llama charm. No details on release timing for these crossover items has been shared.

Along with that is something that Dead by Daylight fans will likely be even more excited about. Inside info points to Behaviour teaming up with Netflix once again for another round of Stranger Things content. In particular, it seems a recent antagonist from the Stranger Things series will jump into Dead by Daylight. Anyone who’s watched the first part of Stranger Things’ fourth season will no doubt have an idea as to who the antagonist is, but we’ll keep things quiet due to spoilers.

Epic, Netflix, and Behaviour haven’t commented on these rumors, but with dataminers behind the details, all of this content seems like a sure thing. Hopefully we get an official announcement soon.

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