Nintendo and Ubisoft can’t catch a break when it comes to leaks related to the Mario + Rabbids series. It’s happened so many times at this point, you can’t help but to wonder if it’s intentional. Just earlier today, the release date for the sequel was leaked, and now, the Australian eShop page for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle has been updated with a new cover image, confirming that the tactical turn-based RPG will be the next Switch Online Free Game Trial.

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers in Europe and Australia will have access to play the full version of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle from July 4th until July 10th, 2022. It’s unknown at this time if North America or Japan will be given the same offer, but we’ll be sure to update you in the future if there is an announcement.


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2y ago

It makes sense to promote the upcoming new games Sparks of Hope.