A new update is available for Prison Architect on Switch. We don’t know the version number, but we do have full details on what the update includes. Check out the official patch notes for this update below.

  • Wardens – 2 new Wardens
  • Guard Dogs – 4 New Guard dogs
  • Fill Capacity – Fills in specific missing Prisoner Security Levels
  • Manual Cell Swapping – The ability for the player to move an inmate to another cell within the same Security Level
  • Prisoner Replacement – Maintain the same number of prisoners within their prison based on their specific security levels
  • Room Size Mutator – Mutator that removes any room size requirement
  • Prison Creation (New Game Menu Cleanup) – Cleaning up the number of options in the drop down menus
  • Prisoner Mail – Prisoners can send and receive mail
  • CCTV Improvement – New Vision Cones, Toggle, Triggering Waypoints of Prisoner Misbehavior – improvements are locked behind a new branch in the Bureaucracy Tree
  • New Intake Logic – Once prisoners get off the bus, the bus will leave. Prisoners will no longer wait by the Delivery Room. The Prisoners will make their way to the reception without the need of guards. Once in the Reception, they will behave as normal and be searched by Guards.
  • Fixed so Chapter 5 campaign doesn’t crashes midway after first requirement is met
  • Fixed when Crew members become stuck in tunnels when set to ‘Attempt Escape’
  • Fixed The Backup Generator connected to the unpowered cables outputs power units
  • Fixed when stationed guards do not search objects within reach
  • Fixed Imbalanced visiting of the Bakery

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