Publisher Arc System Works has released Ground Divers! on the Switch today. The game is priced at $15 and takes up 387 MB of space.

In Ground Divers!, players will guide the clumsy robot Tsuruhashi as he struggles to stay awake. Defeat the enemies lurking around every corner, and search for rare matter slumbering deep underground in this strategic roguelike game. From making the most out of pit stops along the paths you dig, to crafting power-ups for Tsuruhashi with materials you pick up, find your own strategy to conquer the ever-changing stages each time you play.

Ground Divers! features mech designs by Shigeto Koyama, character designs by Kakeru Kakemaru, and a theme song by Hironobu Kageyama! Plough your way through 7 stages with great replayability, and dig up the unexplored secrets!

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