Publisher 505 Games, alongside developers and partners One More Level, All In! Games, 3D Realms, and Slipgate Ironworks™, have launched Ghostrunner: Complete Edition on Switch today. This version of the first-person cyberpunk action game includes the recent Project_Hel expansion, replayable post-launch game modes, and all previously released cosmetic packs. You can pick up this package digitally for $40.

Scale Dharma Tower, a megastructure serving as humanity’s last shelter, on a violent mission to take down a cruel tyrant. Effortlessly cool, death-defying platforming and one-hit-one-kill combat encourage quick reflexes and quick wits, making Ghostrunner: Complete Edition the perfect entry point in the franchise for gamers seeking to master a challenging first-person push-forward combat experience. Daniel Deluxe’s electronic soundtrack breathes pulse-pounding power into each leap and slash.

The Ghostrunner: Complete Edition includes everything that Ghostrunner had at launch, and adds the refinements and post-launch content One More Level has created since then. The Project_Hel prequel DLC offers a new campaign starring a new playable character, Hel - an unstable combat android driven by seething hatred, with distinct moves that set her apart from the original protagonist Jack.

Master Ghostrunner: Complete Edition’s movement and combat in post-launch game modes. Speed through Killrun, defeating enemies along the way to add precious seconds to the timer. Overcome an onslaught of attackers with help from randomized upgrades in the roguelike Wave Mode. Assist Mode provides optionable boons like shorter ability cooldowns, slower gameplay, and an extra life. Take the perfect snapshot with Photo Mode.

Cut down cyborgs in style with intricate katana and glove sets previously released as cosmetic DLC packs. Strike fear in the hearts of opponents with the Halloween Pack, feel festive with the Winter Pack, embrace the glitzy side of cyberpunk with the Neon Pack, or take inspiration from Confucian constant virtues with the Metal Ox Pack.

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