Japanese Nintendo Switch owners can now subscribe to a new service in Japan called “Wide Care” by paying ¥200 (≈ $1.5 USD) a month or ¥2,000 (≈ $15 USD) annually, Nintendo will fix your Nintendo Switch system at no additional cost, and this includes stuff like fall and water damage, and other incidents that would result in a hardware failure. Once you subscribe, you can fix your system six times a year (2 times maximum for main unit replacement), as long as the damages don’t exceed ¥100,000 (≈ $740 USD); if you exceed that number, then you will pay the excess amount only, shipping cost is also covered in this service.

The website also gave us the prices for how much some parts cost as a reference:

  • CPU - ¥13,200 (≈ $98 USD)
  • LCD Screen - ¥8,800 (≈ $65 USD)
  • Other parts (excluding CPU & LCD) - ¥4,950 (≈ $36.5 USD)
  • Joy-Con parts - ¥2,200 (for one Joy-Con) (≈ $16 USD)

Furthermore, for the monthly plan of ¥200, only those who are still under the manufacturer’s warranty period (1 year after purchase) can subscribe to it; otherwise, you can subscribe to the yearly plan of ¥2,000, which is open to everyone, regardless of the warranty.

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2y ago

How Nintendo planned a subscription repair service that works wonders is beyond me. NOA should do something like this.


2y ago


Like you said, NoA really should do this too. I baby my launch switch but I've noticed possibly the battery is overheating, expanding and warping the backplate. I'd buy into this just for ease of mind.

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