There was a sizable amount of interest in Baldo: The Guardian Owls leading up to launch, but many found the game to have some puzzling design choices and troublesome issues once they spent time with it. Obviously still a good game, but one that needed a considerable amount of work. Thankfully, the dev team took suggestions seriously, and have been hard at work making the game the best it can be.

A new, free update is now available for Baldo, and it’s instantly clear the devs have worked their butts off. This update includes a new adventure, an improved world map, an updated combat system, new puzzles, new dungeons, updated dungeon maps, a new assisted mode, and much more.

Don’t just take my word for it, by the way. You can see a massive, very detailed breakdown of all the changes implemented in the video below. This video comes from a channel that originally reviewed Baldo and pointed out the many, many flaws. That same channel has now revisited the game to see the changes, and it’s extremely impressive to see just how much better the game is now.

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