Nintendo updates their Donkey Kong trademark

Is he finally back to kick some tail?

03 July 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 4

Trademarks from the Big N are always an interesting situation. Sometimes Nintendo snags trademarks for things that never see the light of day, or they do a routine update of an established trademark to protect properties. Then there’s trademark tweaks like the one today; the ones that give a small flicker of hope for something new.

Nintendo has updated their trademark for Donkey Kong, and this goes beyond the standard update we usually see. This updated trademark includes new verbiage pertaining specifically to video games, including “downloadable programs for portable and electronic consoles.”

Now, just to be perfectly clear, this doesn’t 100% mean that a new game is on the way. That said, it does typically mean that Nintendo has something to share. With rumors of a new Donkey Kong game floating around in recent months, a trademark update like this certainly is, at the very least, something to get a tiny bit excited about.

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2y ago

Donkey Kong's new game should be revealed to come with a new set of bongos. Reggie would love that. 😏


2y ago

Isn't he in the upcoming Mario movie? Universal Studios Japan is also starting work on the DK attraction.


2y ago

That's a great thumbnail.


2y ago

K Rool better come back this time around!