The past few years have been tough for Pokemon TCG fans. Cards have been incredibly hard to find, and Pokemon Co. was very well aware of that. The company pledged to fix the situation, and they’ve certainly spent a lot of money to do so.

In a normal year, Pokémon Co. produces 1 to 2 billion Pokémon TCG cards a year. In 2022, Pokémon Co. has already released over 9 billion cards! That’s more than double 2021, when Pokémon Co. put out 3.7 billion cards. It’s very clear that Pokémon Co. wants to make sure fans have a much easier time tracking down the card packs that they want.

This rush of cards has another big impact; it’s lowering prices on the second-hand market. While there are still plenty of cards that bring in insane amounts of money, resale prices are down overall. That goes for any card in general, whereas any Pokémon card was valued at 6 cents on the secondary market a couple years ago, but now they’re work 1 cent.

It’s much easier nowadays to head to your favorite Pokémon TCG retailer and pick up the packs you’re looking for, which goes to show that Pokémon Co. is doing what needs to be done. There’s little need to get in on pre-orders for big releases now, as the market gets flooded with each launch. It’s taken a lot of effort on Pokémon Co’s part, but the situation today is infinitely better than what it was just two years back.

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