Bandai Namco has revealed a double-dose of updates coming to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 in the very near future. First up, a free update is coming to the game on July 6th, 2022, but notes on what this update will include have not been shared. Second, the Conton City Vote Pack DLC is coming the day after on July 7th, 2022.

The Conton City Vote Pack DLC will include new playable characters, extra missions, parallel quests, skills, costumes, and more. A trailer for the DLC is seen above, which reveals that Vegeta (GT) is going to be included as well. You can see an official breakdown of his moves below.

Wild Buster

The Wild Buster has Vegeta charging towards his opponent to unleash a devastating punch! If you press this attack button right after landing an initial kick, he’ll unleash a powerful energy wave from his right hand for extra damage!!

Counter Impact

As the name implies, Counter Impact will put Vegeta in position to counter enemy attacks! If he takes an attack while in this stance, he’ll move behind the enemy in a flash! If you push the button for this move at the precise moment he takes an attack, he’ll deal extra damage by firing a powerful energy blast from both hands!

Shield Barrier

With Shield Barrier, Vegeta will unleash a barrier around himself that will nullify certain Ki Blasts! Be careful though, because this barrier will be broken after a certain period of time or if you take damage while it’s deployed! The Three Warriors Chosen in the Conton City Poll Will Be Joining the Extra Mission!

Along with that, we also have some story details for the DLC as well.

In the previous DLC, Dabura found himself turned to stone in an ironic twist of fate after being betrayed by Fu! But now he’s back and looking for reinforcements to help carry out his ambitions and he’s set his sights on the Majin Buu and GT arcs! You’ll need to stop Dabura from executing his plan, but in an even more shocking turn of events, you and Fu have the same goal! Team up with him to preserve Dragon Ball history as we know it!!

The Legend Patrol Pack available for Nintendo Switch is on its way to PS4®/XboxOne/STEAM®! This Pack allows you to experience the main story from the original Dragon Ball Xenoverse! Someone is revising the history of Dragon Ball and Trunks has used Shenron to summon you to become a member of the Time Patrol in order to help set things right! Don’t miss out on playing this amazing story, available for the first time in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2!


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