While RARE may have moved on from Nintendo many, many years ago, Nintendo fans still hold the company dearly. Even if today’s RARE is a far cry from the RARE we knew, they still hold ties to the classic RARE franchises we know. Microsoft has had RARE and all of those classics under their umbrella for quite some time now, but it seems like they might be up to something recently.

Microsoft has just renewed the trademarks for both Viva Piñata and Blast Corps. Blast Corps came to the Switch all the way back in 1997, and while not a huge hit for the company, it still found its way into millions of homes. Viva Piñata was a considerable success for Microsoft and RARE, and a spin-off title, Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise made its way to the DS in 2008.

What’s Microsoft up to with these trademark renewals? Your guess is as good as ours, but hopefully it means these retro franchises will be getting some new love. Keep you fingers crossed for Switch to be included in these plans!

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