Fall Guys is no stranger to having all kinds of crossover skins, but this is certainly one of the most unique ones so far.

For American players, this one may come across as weird or confusing (and it’s 100% understandable!), but for us Latinos, it’s utterly amazing to see a Chapulín Colorado skin coming to the game!

For those out of the loop, El Chapulín Colorado is a classic Mexican television comedy show which ran from 1973 to 1979 and is loved by many in the LATAM community even today. You can see why this is really amusing to see!

This collaboration was announced a while ago, but it’s finally been shown and confirmed that it will be available on July 9th along with a new emote titled “Síganme los buenos” (Good guys follow me.)

First, he shows up on Fortnite; now he’s here. Where will we see him next! Are you excited for this? Will you be getting the skin? Let us know!


Faster than a turtle!

Don’t forget that this Saturday, July 9, El Chapulín Colorado will be coming to Fall Guys and you’ll be able to get his costume along with the ‘Síganme los buenos’ emote.

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2y ago

That's neat, it won't get me to play the game but it's neat. It just needs la Chilindrina though :D