Nintendo fan makes tiny, portable SNES and TV

For the 16-bit fan on the go

08 July 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Nintendo fan Limonegongbang has been tinkering with the Super Nintendo for awhile now, making all sorts of custom designs and more. Everything crafted so far has been incredibly impressive, but Limonegongbang’s project may be his best yet.

Limonegongbang calls the creation above the SF-1 Mini. The bit of tech shrinks down a Super Famicom and pairs it with an equally tiny TV. It might not be the most comfortable way to play the Super Nintendo, but it’s certainly one of the cutest! It also happens to be quite portable, thanks to the extremely modest 5.5-inch LCD screen.

Of course, that’s not all the SF-1 Mini has to offer. The device also has RGB output, stereo sound, a USB-C port for power, and two controller ports. You can tote this tiny treasure with you pretty much anywhere and grab a friend for some local co-op on the go!

It may not be practical or officially licensed, but the SF-1 Mini is a fantastic creation nonetheless.

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