OlliOlli World has been updated to Version 1.0.2. This update includes a host of bug fixes and more. You can see the complete patch notes below.

  • Fix for display of placeholder UI and level blocker in Ironcast Deck Factory levels in Sketchside under rare conditions.
  • Fix for incorrect Button icon for Manuals on Switch.
  • Fix for League Score incorrectly satisfying Local Hero score and preventing item unlock.
  • Fix for other players’ pre-customisation outfits being shown in-game.
  • Various Challenge adjustments to remove incorrect values preventing intended completion in some levels.
  • Fix for isolated issue where a new player in Leagues could be given the wrong level and show a mismatched Replay.
  • Fix for Friend Leaderboards not refreshing new scores without leaving the level.
  • Fix for ‘No checkpoint’ markers being occasionally overwritten if revisiting a level.
  • Fix for Mastery count being incremented by one extra point incorrectly.
  • Fix for issue that could occasionally ‘uncomplete’ previously completed levels under specific conditions.
  • Removal of smashable floor in Landfill Mountain.

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