The latest Twitter update for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 shares a quick gameplay clip showcasing how you can do a bit of detective work while on certain quests. If you’re looking to hunt down a target, you might be able to find where they’re hiding by following footsteps like the ones seen above.


Along with that, Nintendo also shared some small details on Unique Monsters. Immovable Gonzales is one of the Unique Monsters you’ll come across, but you don’t have to engage in battle if you’re careful. Immovable Gonzales is sleeping all the time, but if he gets woken up, he quickly goes into a rage. You might want to tiptoe around this one!

Ancient Grandeps is yet another Unique Monster, seen above. This one is known to attack harshly at random moments, so be careful while you’re out and about. An interaction with one of these Unique Monsters could go very wrong in a matter of seconds!

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