New details surrounding the upcoming Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes Offline game have been revealed. Upon completing certain objectives and quests, players will be rewarded with Advanced Vocations, allowing them to specialize in new ways! A total of 8 new Advanced Vocations have been revealed, such as the Gladiator and the Superstar. You can read a few details on those jobs below, but make sure to click the provided link for even more job descriptions.

Gladiator: The Dual-Wielding Attacker

  • an attacker specializing in combat
  • the Gladiator can also dual wield
  • by using “Tension Boost,” you can instantly boost tension to a high rate

Superstar: The Charming Entertainer

  • an entertainer whose appeal captivates even its enemies
  • the Superstar can increase the amount of experience points earned in battle
  • the Superstar can also summon bodyguards

Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes Offline is expected to launch in Japan this summer.

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