Extremely rare Pokémon pops up at auction, gets snagged for $136k

What will two bucks in loose change get me?

17 March 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

There’s rare Pokémon cards, and then there’s EXTREMLY rare Pokémon cards. When you have a card that pulls in $136k at auction, you know you’ve stepped into extremely rare territory!

Way back in 1999, CoroCoro magazine ran a promotion to celebrate the launch of Pokémon Snap. The promotion asked players to send in photos of their games, and five winners would have their photos printed on official Pokémon cards. Just 20 cards for each winner were printed, making every single one incredibly rare.

One such card is the Snap Magikarp card, and 1 of those 20 recent popped up at a Japanese auction. The winning big came in at 5 million yen, or roughly $136k. You can now feast your eyes on the incredibly rare card via the video above.

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