Sonic Frontiers is looking to buck the trends of recent Sonic games in numerous ways. Combat has been greatly fleshed out, traditional stage gameplay has been overtaken by open zone areas, and even the game’s story is more sophisticated.

In an interview with Game Informer, Sonic Team creative officer Takashi Iizuka spoke about the decision to bring in Sonic comic writer Ian Flynn to help with the story.

“Ian has been working as a comic writer for a long time, so I was very familiar with his work, but after reading the IDW comics, I was even more impressed with his talen. That’s why I wanted to ask him to work on the story for the game as well. He knows the characters well, so he brought a great improvement to the characters’ emotions and dialogue.”

[Sonic Team creative officer Takashi Iizuka ]

Flynn also spoke about his involvement, saying he’s aiming to offer something old and new fans can enjoy alike.

“I’m a career Sonic nerd, so I wanted to weave some of the series’ legacy into the story. I wanted to advance the characters’ personal stories, even if just by a little bit. I also wanted to bring some interconnectivity to the previous games. There isn’t anything that will be too dense for new fans to wade through, but just enough for long-term fans to appreciate.”

[Ian Flynn]

That new approach to story involves Eggman as well. This time around, we can expect a tale that explores Eggman on a much deeper level, according to director Morio Kishimoto.

“Featuring Eggman in the story was something we decided on from the early stages of things. We wanted Eggman to be an extremely important key figure in this story for it to be successful; we didn’t want him to just be the bad guy in our ‘good guys versus bad guys’ scenario. We wanted to portray him as a flesh and blood human being in the story.”

[director Morio Kishimoto]

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2y ago

I really do hope this game ends up being good. The initial reveal trailer for it left a lot to be desired, but I do like what I've been hearing recently. Let's just hope they can put words into action properly.