Artist turns garbage into a Super Mario Odyssey tribute

One man's trash is Nintendo's treasure

15 July 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Most artists work in traditional mediums like canvas, paint, colored pencils, and so on. Others are drawn to more unique methods of conveying their works. That’s the route Studson Studio has taken with their most recent creation, and it resulted in an amazing Nintendo tribute.

Studson Studio went dumpster diving to find some trash to turn it into something special. In the video above, you can see how various bits of plastic junk were repurposed to create an unbelievable tribute to Super Mario Odyssey. It takes a very keen eye to see a hunk of junk and imagine how it could be turned into a monument to Mario.

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2y ago

This looks amazing! All the more impressive that it's made from rubbish. It's not just the talent to make something like this, it's the imagination to picture how it'll all come together.

Looking at that scene, it's got a dark theme, reminds me a bit of a Tim Burton animated movie. It would be great to see Nintendo make a Mario game in this visual style, but I don't think they would.