Developers Baykal Arts have announced that they’re bringing their hack-and-slash title, Ashen Knights: Foreshadow, to the Switch at some point in the future.

Ashen Knights is a unique mixture of two complementary gameplays. Tired of managing your stamina and scrupulously calculating your attacks? The game will grant you an opportunity to destroy foes in dozens with a single sweep of your weapon. Bored without a decent challenge? Try slaying an enemy ten times stronger than you are.

In the world devoured by the Abyss, humans either fight or die. A long time ago, Ashen Knights chose their path: to serve humanity and protect themselves and their loved ones. But every choice is followed by its consequences.

You can read more official details about Ashen Knights: Foreshadow in the press release below.

In Ashen Knights, the gameplay is but a way to share and express emotions. Playing as different characters, you’ll feel how your battle drive gets replaced with crippling anxiety that slowly transforms into blinding rage.

All of your emotions, every sound, every note, and every detail are a hidden message from the game world. And just as the world of Ashen Knights is a myriad of remote isles shattered by the Abyss, its narrative is a grim and mysterious puzzle made of numerous manifestations. Will you be able to piece it back together?

Every single phenomenon in the game—from the quietest of sounds to the biggest of bosses—is just a cover hiding the story of this world. So, what is the nature of the Abyss? What does it have to do with our heroes? And how does it bring them together?

The Abyss is not going to reveal its secrets for nothing. For every answer, one has to pay with numerous battles against its spawn: multiform mutants, insidious mimics, and mighty bosses.

The Abyss is not going to reveal all its secrets right away. On every level, it will expose itself in a new, previously unknown way. It will keep getting you back to the very beginning of the location. It will throw immortal enemies at you. It will stab you in the back with no chance to defend yourself. But no matter how dissimilar the distant corners of this world seem, they are all united by the narrative of collapse and the atmosphere of dark fantasy.


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