During the last Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase, we found out that Dragon Quest Treasures was getting a localization, and it’s due out later this year. It’s great to see more Dragon Quest titles getting localized outside of the mainline games, and hopefully Dragon Quest Treasures will offer a mix interesting enough to entice some newcomers to give the franchise a shot.

In order to get people up to speed on Dragon Quest Treasures, Square Enix has released an all-encompassing feature that breaks down all the major facets of the game. That includes storyline info, character profiles, gameplay mechanics, and more. You can check out the bulk of that content below.


Erik and his sister Mia live on a Viking longship, dreaming of the day they can explore the world in search of grand treasure.

One night they encounter a pair of otherworldly creatures, Porcus and Purrsula, and are whisked away to a mysterious place known as Draconia - a legendary land full of monsters and treasures just waiting to be discovered.

The adventure Erik and Mia have always dreamed of is finally underway!

Having fled the Viking longship, Erik and Mia are guided by a pair of curious creatures to a mysterious ruin.

In the ruin they come across a pair of Dragon Daggers, which triggers a chain of events that sees them sucked into a whole different world…

The world in which they find themselves is called Draconia - a floating island where monsters roam free!

With their trusty Dragon Daggers to aid them, our heroes commence their search for the seven mythical Dragonstones!



Erik is an inquisitive and mischievous young man who lives on the Viking longship with his little sister. He dreams of finding incredible treasures and becoming rich beyond his wildest dreams!

Erik’s Spirit Guide: Purrsula

A curious creature rescued by our heroes, Purrsula looks like a cat and acts as Erik’s sidekick.


Mia is a determined and energetic young woman who lives on the Viking longship with her brother Erik. She loves nothing more than hunting for treasure and would like to get her hands on a real haul one day.

Mia’s Spirit Guide: Porcus

Porcus looks like a pig. He takes a shine to Mia and accompanies her wherever she goes

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