Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak offers hunters a ton of new content to tackle, including some absolutely monstrous challenges. The biggest challenge ahead of players is no doubt the Three Lords, Sunbreak’s trio of monster bosses.

In an interview with Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Interview with Art Director Yoshitaka Ohuchi, we get to hear some details on what went into creating the Three Lords. Not surprisingly, a ton of effort went into nailing these fearsome beasts.

We spent a lot of time on the Three Lords, the main feature of Sunbreak.

We wanted to make the Western-style monsters convincing as actual living creatures, complete with an interesting ecology, a proper relationship with the world they live in, and the hunters who face them. It involved a lot of trial and error.

We also included as many story elements and tricks as we could to tie Elgado’s characters and the setting of the Citadel into the story. Similar to Rise, Sunbreak contains plenty of easter eggs and little surprises, so we hope you’ll enjoy exploring the game and finding the many details hidden around the environments.

[Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Interview with Art Director Yoshitaka Ohuchi]

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