Akupara Games, alongside developer Videocult, have announced a new feature for Rain World’s upcoming Downpour DLC. When that DLC arrives, players can look forward to the new Jolly Co-Op mode, which allows up to 4 players to join the game locally.

Jolly Co-Op lets you and your friends experience Rain World together as you try to survive the treacherous industrial wastelands. Communicate through in-game gestures; lend a helping hand with the new piggyback riding mechanic; and customize your campaign with shared food bars. There’s event an Pup/Old mode, customizable survival requirements and more.

For those who need a refresher, the Downpour DLC includes thousands of new maps across ten new regions, five new playable characters with unique storylines and endings, two new game modes, and local co-op. We still don’t have the release date for this DLC, but we’ll hopefully have the full details soon.

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