Ultra Mega Xtra due out Oct. 7th, 2022

The party starts later this year

19 July 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Breakfirst Games and Just For Games have previously announced Ultra Mega Xtra Party Challenge, a brand-new party game with a twist, for Switch. Last we heard, the title was due out sometime in Fall 2022. Today brings us news that the game is officially locked in for an Oct. 7th, 2022. That includes both a digital and physical release.

Ultra Mega Xtra Party Challenge is a frenzied party game for up to 4 players that includes over 99 minigames to enjoy. These mini-games showcase inspirations from pop culture and meme culture, so there’s plenty or Easter eggs to catch. Wash, unbox, shave, peel off, mown, cut, dodge, unroll, fan… All skills required.

Play against or with your friends, versus or coop, online or offline… Whatever you choose, everyone will play simultaneously, no downtime!

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