Today, Dead by Daylight launches its first exclusive anime crossover with Attack on Titan in the form of a 10-Outfit Collection. Starting now and until July 26th, 2022, a special sale will take place on select Outfits, and to further celebrate this anticipated release, players will be able to enjoy daily rewards in-game.

​This Collection features eight Very Rare Outfits for Survivors and two Ultra Rare Outfits for Killers. Fans will be happy to dress Dwight Fairfield in Eren’s Uniform, Yui Kimura in Mikasa’s Uniform, Felix Richter in Armin’s Uniform, Meg Thomas in Annie’s Uniform, Zarina Kassir in Hange’s Uniform, Jake Park in Levi’s Uniform, Kate Denson in Historia’s Uniform and Ace Visconti in Kenny’s Uniform. On the Killer Side, fans will be able to get their hands on The Armored Titan Outfit for The Oni and The War Hammer Titan Outfit for The Spirit.

​Starting today, fans will be rewarded aplenty. As such, anyone who logs into Dead by Daylight will be gifted the Cadet Corps Crest Charm to display in game. Four other exclusive Charms are made available whenever a certain number of Outfits are purchased through the in-game store. These include The Scout Regiment Crest, The Military Police Regiment Crest, The Garrison Regiment Crest and the Wall Titan Charm.

Along with this new content, Dead by Daylight has also been updated to Version 6.1.0. As you might suspect, this is a rather large update. If you want to sift through the lengthy patch notes, you can find the official breakdown here.


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