Square Enix continues to drop massive rounds of details on the upcoming Dragon Quest X Offline, and today brings us the complete rundown on how character customization works. You can check the complete notes on character customization below, as translated by Gematsu.

  • change the appearance of your equipment and the protagonist to your liking
  • to do this, use the magic tailoring art of “My Coordination” and the Coloring Shop and Salon facilities
  • to change the look of equipment, use the “My Coordination” button from the “Equipment” screen
  • this only changes the look of your equipment, not stats
  • My Coordinations can be checked and registered from the Equipment screen in the main menu
  • a weapon’s appearance can also be changed
  • you can register up to 20 combinations of equipment appearances as My Coordinations
  • you can register the equipment with your favorite looks as many times as you like
  • in the capital city Megistris of Puku Land continent is a facility called the Coloring Shop
  • this is where you can change the colors of your equipment’s parts
  • each piece of equipment has two parts that can be colored
  • some accessories can also be colored
  • there are over 50 colors to choose from
  • you can color the weapons and shields equipped to your party members
  • salons are operated by the Salon Felicia Group in the world of Astoltia
  • here you can change the protagonist’s hairstyle, eyes, and more
  • after clearing a certain quest, the salon will open its doors to your patronage
  • you can even change your character’s voice

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