Ever since Sonic leapt into the third dimension, he’s had some trouble finding his footing. There have been some solid titles along the way, but certainly more missteps. This ended up hurting the Sonic fanbase overall, and SEGA knew they needed something to woo back lapsed fans. Enter Sonic Mania.

In an interview with Game Informer, SEGA Chief brand & business officer Ivo Gerscovich shared more details on how Sonic Mania came to be, and just how much the game means to SEGA. You can see Mr. Gerscovich’s comments in full below.

“We started talking with Christian Whitehead, and I’ll never forget, there was a meeting with Iizuka-san, and Christian flew in from Australia. The team was pitching the idea, and they were going back and forth, and Iizuka-san was a little bit silent. And he stepped out for a few minutes, and then he came back, and he said, ‘Why don’t we do this?’ and he basically had the idea of combining all these different games and calling it ‘Mania.’ And everyone’s jaw dropped in that moment, and we realized that we had something potentially magical.

When we started seeing the early builds of the game, you could already sense that there was something very special. It’s one of the defining moments, and the team takes a lot of pride because that immediately brought the core back, and it brought a lot of new fans.”

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2y ago

Sonic Mania is so defining that Sega has learned absolutely nothing from it.


2y ago

So defining they decided to never do it again.