Coromon now available on Switch

I wonder if this game was inspired by another franchise...

21 July 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

The monster-taming game Coromon has finally made its way to Switch today. The game at $20 and takes up 350 MB of space.

Tame Coromon and explore a vast world filled with thrilling turn-based battles, brain-twisting puzzles, and a mysterious threat to the world awaiting defeat. Nobody said being a Battle Researcher was easy! The sun begins to dawn on Velua, a new day for the world and a new day for you, a freshly minted Battle Researcher of the global research society known as Lux Solis. It’s your first day and everything goes smoothly until a mysterious force attacks your latest workplace. Build up a squad of Coromon, track down the invaders, and grapple with a rising threat that endangers everyone on Velua!

Coromon is all about taming the eponymous wildlife and challenging the rest of the world: other wildlife, trainers, or titanic bosses! Build a team from more than 100 charming creatures, defined by their elements, traits, and skills. Catch, train then set them loose on your rivals!

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