LIVE A LIVE is just a few hours away from launching in Europe and North America, but the game is already available in Japan. To celebrate the launch, Square Enix has shared a special piece of art from Square Enix artist and designer, Naoki Ikushima. You can see the art above, which shows off the protagonists of LIVE A LIVE.

LIVE A LIVE, a storied RPG directed by Takashi Tokita, known for his work on CHRONO TRIGGER and FINAL FANTASY IV, has been revitalized in the stunning HD-2D visual style and is being released outside of Japan for the first time. Each story features rearranged versions of the original music written by KINGDOM HEARTS series and FINAL FANTASY XV composer, Yoko Shimomura.

UPDATE: Square Enix has shared a second piece of art to celebrate the launch of LIVE A LIVE, which you can find below.

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