A new update, dubbed Sunrise, is soon heading to the Switch version of Trove, and it brings with it the Solarion class, along with a revamp of the Shadow Hunter class and an all-new season of Bomber Royale.

The new Solarion class works as a servant of the Sun Goddess to smite enemies through a combination of their bow for long-range attacks and a pet phoenix that rushes in with fast and fierce melee attacks. This fired-up class uses their Phoenix Radiance passive ability to increase their attack rate and gain energy to summon a pet phoenix to aid in battle. When the phoenix is slain, a self-healing egg will spawn and explode once its max health is reached. And from the egg’s ashes, the Solarion’s phoenix will rise again to aid their master once more!

The Sundered Lands is Trove’s newest biome that can be reached by players that have progressed to at least Uber-1 Adventure Worlds, but will primarily be found in Uber-7 Adventure Worlds. With its unique upper and lower levels, Trovians will soon discover a biome filled with many challenges as the Irradiant Sky Giants continue to build and expand land stolen from below, tipping the balance of power in their favor.

Not to be upstaged by the Solarion and Sundered Lands, the Shadow Hunter class has been blessed with divine light from the Sky Realm’s Radiant Ruins with a new passive ability and their new Sacred Arrow Ultimate Ability, which unleashes a large arrow of pure energy dealing 300% damage every 0.5 seconds for 7.5 seconds, piercing through targets and blocks. Additional classes have also been rebalanced, such as the Boomeranger and Gunslinger.

We don’t have the exact date of the Switch launch for the Sunrise update, but we’ll let you know when it’s live as soon as we catch word.

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