We’re just days away from from the launch of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, yet Nintendo still has plenty to share via social media. Yet another round of details were tweeted today, and you can see the complete breakdown below.

At Campsites you can discuss gathered info with your party, and sometimes these conversations can lead to a new quest. Looks like you better get chatting with everyone!

Another way to get some fresh quests is to keep an eye out for yellow icons throughout the game. Spot one of these and you’ll know there’s someone waiting to give you a new task to take care of.


Finally, we got a bit more about battles in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. First up is a note on the blue circle that Defender Class characters can use. When party members enter the blue circle, it will both guard against damage and various effects. If someone is really hurting, get them into that blue circle ASAP!

Lastly, we learned that there is now an arrow above your Arts. The arrow tells you the relative position to the enemy, so ↑ means you are in front of an enemy, and so on.

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