The team behind Black Jewel Reborn was looking to bring in just over $40k to release their game on Game Boy, NES, Super Nintendo and Genesis. As of today, the Kickstarter has officially hit its goal, so the game is a lock for all of those platforms.

Black Jewel Reborn is a classic side-scrolling hack and slash. You can play both alone and together with your friend, with each of you controlling the barbarian Ryan or the Amazon Julia. The gameplay is about fighting your way through intense battles with many enemies. Each character has three normal attacks, a jump attack, as well as a special attack that charged slowly when you kill enemies. If you find yourself in a desperate situation, you can call upon your god to help you, who will destroy everything on the screen.

There’s still plenty of time left on the Kickstarter to hit some stretch goals, or just get in on a purchase of the game in general. You can take a look at the Black Jewel Reborn Kickstarter here.

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