Raji: An Ancient Epic ‘Enhanced Edition’ was announced nearly a year ago, and we’ve had to wait quite some time to experience it. Thankfully, the update is available today, and it adds more features while also fixing up issues. Best of all, this Enhanced Edition update is completely free!

For full details on what the Enhanced Edition update includes, check out the official patch notes below.

  • Improved the health gained and lost feedback for Raji and enemies
  • Improved enemies executions (animations) and health orb spawning
  • Improved hit impact effects
  • Improvements to combat VFX
  • Tightened up many animations for Raji and enemies
  • Removed dodge animations from heavy attack combos to make them more responsive
  • Improved combat pacing
  • Added variations for all enemy types, with fresh new visuals, attacks and abilities
  • Behavior overhaul and new abilities added for the Chieftain and Mahabalasura bosses
  • Behavior overhaul and new attacks added for the Mahabalasura boss
  • Added a camera zoom feature using mouse wheel or Gamepad right analog stick
  • Added a comprehensive main menu
  • Added ability to disable tutorials
  • Added new game modes
  • Added the option of revisiting locations from previously cleared levels
  • Added subtitles for six Indian regional languages (coming in a future patch)
  • Complete SFX overhaul
  • New background music added to the Fort and Desert level
  • Hindi voiceovers added
  • Added Ray-traced Shadows, Ambient Occlusion, Reflections and Global Illumination
  • Added Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR (1.0) upscaling options
  • Many bugs fixed

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2y ago

> Added Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR (1.0) upscaling options

But the Switch hardware can’t support Nvidia DLSS?!