Project Downfall was announced for Switch back in 2019, and the dev team behind the game is still chugging away. We don’t have a release date for the title just yet, but we do have a new look at how things are coming along. Check out the latest trailer for Project Downfall above.

Welcome to a vision of the world on the edge of decay—a world in which the biggest political and economic clash since the Cuban Missile Crisis is now emerging. The European Union is in disarray. France and Germany are each embroiled in their own brutal civil wars. Poland and Hungary, on the other hand, have joined the Novorussian Federation. This new political power has, naturally, triggered the creation of its exact opposite – the Pact of the Transatlantic States, brought to life under the supervision of the United States to stop the crisis and become an alternative for an already weakened European Union.

To save declining government budgets, those in charge have started to look for ways of squeezing more from citizens already exhausted to the limit, and they have finally come up with a seemingly perfect solution: meds. Everyone capable of working is forced to routinely take medication prescribed by doctors in accordance with the newly adopted law. The meds program is aimed at creating a more efficient workforce.

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