As we previously shared, Idol Manager is coming to Switch on August 25th, 2022. In advance of that release, the game is now available to pre-order on the Switch eShop. You can hop on today and lock in your purchase, which is priced at $25. We unfortunately don’t have file size information at this time.

In Idol Manager, set out to create an empire, starting with 5 million yen and some free real estate courtesy of a shady figure desiring the prestige of owning a successful talent agency for idol groups. Spend money to audition new talent, then choose promising candidates based on their performing skills and appeal. Factor in other attributes determining how those skills will change as they age as well as how they’ll gel with the rest of the group. One prospect could be the next big star, but could her ego and propensity to spill secrets make more trouble than she’s worth?

Manage personal relationships with the idols, hiring the right agency personnel to find success. Start multiple groups in a quest to control all idol-dom. Research market trends, release singles appealing to the market, and expand their popularity with the proper performances. Govern the groups’ behavior by setting social media sanctions, livestream limitations, and dating do’s and don’ts – strict rules might lead the talent to rebel, but loose rules might not appeal to what fans expect of idols.

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