Back when the Life is Strange series first started, the experience was released episodically, meaning players would get one chapter, then have to wait a few months for the next to arrive. That’s not how the series operates today, as the adventure adventure releases on the same day, but the game itself still breaks the story up into chapters/episodes. This seems to be the best of both worlds for developer DONTNOD, as they don’t intend on returning to the way things were.

In an interview with Rock Paper Shotgun, Life is Strange dev Philip Lawrence spoke about the company’s episodic past, saying he doesn’t see the team returning to releasing content in that way again.

“I can’t imagine we’d go back to the episodic model. The reaction has been very positive. I think we were careful to keep that episodic structure, because that does seem to appeal to players. That’s all part of the DNA of Life is Strange. As you can imagine, it was a decision that was talked about and agonized over quite a bit, but I think on reflection it was the right decision.”

[Life is Strange dev Philip Lawrence]

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