Square Enix has opened pre-orders on their official webstore for the physical release of Dragon Quest Treasures, which as previously announced, is coming to Nintendo Switch worldwide on Dec. 9th, 2022. Other retailers will also be opening up pre-orders soon, so keep an eye out for that as well. Every pre-order will come bundled with a code for a bonus DLC pack that includes the following:

  • 5x Chimaera Wing - Returns players to base immediately without losing any treasure)
  • x15 Better Buddy Bullet - Increases the likelihood of a monster wanting to join the player’s gang)
  • x5 Fullheal Pellet - Fully restores the HP of a single ally)

A new batch of screenshots for Dragon Quest Treasures has also been released, which you can check out via the gallery below.

DRAGON QUEST TREASURES follows Erik and his sister Mia who live on a Viking longship, dreaming of someday exploring the world for grand treasures. One night they encounter a pair of otherworldly creatures, Porcus and Purrsula, and are led to a mysterious ruin, where they come across a pair of Dragon Daggers. Upon obtaining the magical daggers, the plucky duo is whisked away to the floating continent of Draconia. This legendary land is home to monsters and countless pieces of precious loot, including seven legendary Dragonstones that are highly sought after among serious treasure hunters.

As players start their journey as Erik and Mia, they’ll learn how to fight alongside a team of monster pals and utilize their unique abilities to find hidden treasures and reach otherwise inaccessible areas. The two will also need to protect their treasure from monsters and rival gangs until they can get it back to base to be appraised. Collecting treasure will increase the player’s vault value, allowing them to expand their home base and further build up their brigade of friendly monsters.


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