How many games do you have on your Switch? I haven’t looked at mine, but I know there’s at least a couple hundred titles on there, easy. Well, that’s child’s play compared to GoNintendo fan, David. He’s got over 2,000 games in his collection, which is how he found out about a very interesting Switch hiccup.

If you happen to have over 2,000 Switch games, you might notice that some of your game icons will start to disappear from your library. This is because the Switch can only display up to 2,000 games. Once you go over that limit, the Switch will start to remove icons from your library. That in and of itself will cause another problem!

How do you play those games that end up disappearing? You can’t find them in your menu and the redownload option on the Switch eShop won’t work, because those games are actually still on your Switch. The only option to bring those icons back is to delete some games from your Switch. Once you get back down under that 2,000 number, your icons will become visible once again.

An odd thing to have happen, but admittedly, it’s one very, VERY few people will ever have to deal with. Still, it’s good to know just in case you hit that point!

[GoNintendo fan, David]

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2y ago

Even if you put the icons in folders? Maybe then it will be 2000 per folder?


2y ago

David I have two questions.
How many of those games have you finished?!
How big is your MicroSD card?


2y ago

So the Y2K bug is in fact real after all? 😉


2y ago

How can you even hit 2000 if the limit is like 1TB?!?


2y ago


When you've finished a game and think you won't play it anymore, you can choose to "archive" it which will delete the game files but keep the icon in your game library. It's very unlikely he'd have 2,000 games installed at once.


2y ago

This is interesting. I also have 2000+ icons on my Switch, but I've not noticed this problem. To be fair, it's not easy to keep track of everything hahaha


2y ago

Sweating intensifies.