After 28 years a long-lost 2-player mode for Super Punch-Out!! has been discovered within the games code, and the best part? No hacking is required to access it!

All credit for this discovery goes to Unlisted Cheats or @new_cheats_news on Twitter, you can reads their full thread below to see how this discovery came about.

So basically all you need to do to activate the mode is…

1. Have two controllers connected.

2. Hold the R and Y Buttons on Player 2’s controller at the start screen

3. Press Start or A on Player 1’s Controller

4. Choose the boxer that Player 2 will control on the boxer select screen.

5. Have Player 2 hold down the B and Y buttons on their controller until the match starts.

Assuming everything was done correctly, Player 2 should now be controlling the opposing boxer and have access to all their attacks. This cheat is also confirmed to work on emulators and Nintendo Switch Online, meaning you can technically have Super Punch-Out!! online multiplayer!

One can only wonder why Nintendo kept this mode a secret. An assumption could be made that this mode was made for testing the game and not meant to be accessed by the public, until Nintendo confirms or denies however, it’s just speculation.

Nevertheless, it’s always fascinating when a new secret is discovered in an old game. It’s makes you wonder what other secrets are out there just waiting to be discovered.

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!

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2y ago

It's crazy how this remained a secret for almost 3 decades, that nobody leaked it out from within Nintendo. This works on any version of the game, SNES cartridge, Wii U Virtual Console, SNES Mini Classic to NSO.

Makes me wonder if that game was played at all. I always felt nobody brings it up. The NES and Wii U Punchouts are brought out way more than the SNES one.