After a solid month of leaks, Square Enix finally confirmed that Tactics Ogre: REBORN was real, and it’s heading to Switch on November 11th, 2022. That includes both a digital and physical release, but now Square Enix is offering something a little extra as well.

Square Enix is now selling a Tactics Ogre: REBORN tarot card set separately from the game itself. This tarot card set is actually available in Japan as part of the Tactics Ogre: REBORN Collector’s Edition, but here in the states you’ll have to purchase the item separately.

This three-piece tarot card set includes a deck of tarot cards with imagery from the game, a storage pouch, and a mat. Picking one up these sets up will run you $50 and it’s set to ship out sometime in February 2023. If this sounds like a deal you can’t pass up, make your purchase through this link.

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