Loot boxes have become a big bone of contention for millions of gamers the world over, and they’ve even been the focus of some discussion in the political landscape. That’s why some game-makers are looking to move away from them, and Blizzard is one such company.

Blizzard previously announced that Overwatch 2 wouldn’t be using loot boxes, and that decision also includes their removal from the original Overwatch. If there’s a loot box in Overwatch you want to snag, you better do so soon. Blizzard has confirmed that loot boxes are going to be removed from Overwatch after Aug. 30th, 2022.

Blizzard looks to be heading in a Battle Pass direction for Overwatch 2, although full details are yet to be shared. Battle Passes do seem to be the de-facto option for monetization for numerous online shooters right now, so it’s no surprise to see Blizzard following along.

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2y ago

Well that's good. But I still don't trust those companies that engage or have engaged in the practice. They'll just find another way to try and leech extra money off consumers, like Blizzard are with the Battle Pass for Overwatch 2.