Ship to Shore PhonoCo. will be releasing a vinyl soundtrack for SEGA’s Phantasy Star II, which was released for the Game Boy Advance in 2002 via the Phantasy Star Collection. Scheduled to release in Q4 2022, the soundtrack has a total of 22 tracks (11 on each side), and it includes an 8-page booklet with rare artwork from the SEGA archives, priced at $30; you can pre-order and secure your copy here.


Side A

  1. Phantasy Sprite
  2. Step Up
  3. A Prologue
  4. Pleasure Stream
  5. Pressure
  6. My Home
  7. Blacky News
  8. Restoration
  9. Rise and Fall
  10. Movement
  11. Advanced Position

Side B

  1. Secret Ways
  2. Promised Mystery ~ Hidepipe
  3. Silent Zone ~ Musik
  4. Exciting Town
  5. Violation
  6. Power
  7. Under
  8. The Place of Death
  9. Exclaim
  10. Never Dreaming
  11. Over

Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present the original video game soundtrack to Sega’s seminal Sci-fi RPG Phantasy Star II!

Storming into Japanese stores in early 1989, the highly anticipated follow-up to 1987’s Phantasy Star was an instant hit commercially and critically. Taking its cue from the original epic, Phantasy Star II upped the ante by stuffing dozens of hours worth of gameplay into a towering 6MB cartridge — the largest seen on the market at that time. The game found its way to international markets in 1990 and has remain a beloved classic of all those who have ever played it since.

Tokuhiko Uwabo returns on soundtrack duty, once again combining complex, contemplative melodies with driving percussion. Not just music for nostalgia junkies but also for the fine connoisseurs of VGM!This limited edition LP features the original soundtrack from the SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive game pressed on a Ship to Shore exclusive “Rolf & Nei” blue and magenta swirl vinyl, with new liner notes from Retronatus’ Jeremy Parish and an 8-page booklet with rare artwork from the SEGA archives! This is one release fans will not want to miss!

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