Cat Slide Tiles now available on Switch

Sliding into the Switch eShop today

11 August 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Developer Minicactus Games and publisher QUByte Interactive have announced that the 3D puzzle game Cat Slide Tiles is now available on Switch. The game is priced at $4 and takes up 253 MB of space.

Cat Slide Tiles is a 3D puzzle game with a cute and colorful aesthetic that brings Kitten Tom trying to get his way cleared to get home.

The game presents a simple gameplay: slide blocks from the terrain to create a path that leads the kitten from point A to point B. There are three keys in each scenario, the kitten must take all the keys to open the door that leads to the next path. The difficulty will gradually increase as you progress through the levels.

Featuring 80 levels and 4 different environments, Cat Slide Tiles should keep you puzzling for a considerable amount of time.

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