The original Star Fox remains one of the most important games in Nintendo’s history, as it marks the company’s first real foray into the world of 3D. It would be a number of years until 3D became the standard for game development, but there’s no doubt the baby steps Nintendo took with Star Fox helped them to better get a handle on 3D game development years later.

Star Fox may seem downright rudimentary nowadays, but it was truly mind-blowing back in the day. Many still hold the game in high regard, and see it as the strongest entry in the entire franchise. Still, some fans wish the game had a bit more to offer, and now it does, thanks to the efforts of an extremely talented modder.

Star Fox fan KandoWontu has been working diligently on ‘Star Fox Exploration Showcase,’ a mod for the 16-bit classic that adds an insane amount of content. Exploration Showcase includes new levels, ships, weapons and even a multiplayer mode! You can see how the project is coming together in the video above, which is an incredibly extensive gameplay feature.

Star Fox Exploration Showcase will see release sometime in October 2022. Well, that’s the plan for now, but you never know when Nintendo will swoop in to crush this fan project. Let’s cross our fingers and hope they leave this one alone!

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