Another new Goddess is making their way to the world of SMITE. Fans will be able to give the new Huntress, Ishtar a go on Aug. 23rd, 2022, but today gives us our first look at the Goddess of love and war in a new trailer.

In the Babylonian pantheon, Ishtar is the Goddess of both love and war. She is feminine, powerful, and headstrong. She strikes down those who defy the gods but she also zealously protects her worshippers. Moving from conquest to conquest, she is never resting, never satisfied. Woe befalls those standing between Ishtar and what she desires…

Symbolized by the lion, Ishtar is the first SMITE Huntress to wield a bow and arrows since Hachiman in 2017. Mastering her requires good utilization of three different ways to shoot arrows. Her bow can also summon a rolling barrage of thunderbolts; or deadly Blades of Retribution with her ultimate.


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