The latest issue of EDGE magazine features Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope on the cover, and also packs in a ton of details on the games in a new feature. Of course, some of the information shared is old by this point, but there are some fresh tidbits to go over. You can see a summary of those details below, thanks to a recap from SpookyTango

  • the team wanted this sequel to have a world better suited to exploration
  • the planets you visit will offer a lot in terms of open areas, along with a “broad variety of activities”
  • there is a differentiation between critical path areas and optional areas
  • optional areas will let you find useful stuff like Sparks
  • there are certain areas on a planet you wont be able to access until you unlock exploration skills later in the game
  • Beep-O can be used to scan the world to reveal hidden elements
  • getting rid of the grid in combat was a challenge and required multiple attempts
  • the grid system was still a part of gameplay early in development
  • you control the characters directly on and off the battlefield now
  • enemies can react to your choices in combat in real-time.
  • you’re not restricted to a particular team set up, nor are specific characters required to be on the team.
  • there may be battles in the game that use more characters or less characters than the usual team of three
  • you’ll be able to use up to two Sparks per character at a certain point in the game
  • you might use a Spark to enhance a strength of a certain character, or a different Spark to mitigate a weakness
  • each character will have only one weapon, but it will be upgradable
  • Sparks will be used to add elemental and other kinds of active/passive effects

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