SPOILER WARNING: As the headline states, the trailer for the Fortnite x Dragon Ball collab has been leaked on Twitter. While we’ve known about this collab for a while now some people may still consider seeing the trailer like this a spoiler. If your someone who wants to see the trailer the way the developers intended then we advise you to click of this story now.

The trailer comes to us from Twitter users @ShiinaBR, @iFireMonkey, and @ThesnowManu. The trailer is of a lower quality and lacks sound but we can still see a lot of the features this collaboration brings to the table.

It seems that Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and Beerus will be available as skins for your character. You’ll be able to fly around on Nimbus and Shenron, and even be able to throw out a Kamehameha.

All in all this seems like another fun collaboration Fortnite has been able to cook up with another piece of media. Who knows what other secrets will be found when the collab goes live Tomorrow, August 16th.

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