Quirky cooking/action game 'Space Chef' confirmed for Switch

Take all you want, but eat all you take

19 March 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Cooking titles are popular, as are open-world games, farming sims, and action titles. Why not combine them all into the perfect title? That’s what the team behind Space Chef set out to do, and it looks like people are hungry for their unique experience.

Space Chef’s Kickstarter ended with success, and now the game is slated for launch sometime in 2023. Even better, the team is considering cross-save support between Switch and PC, so you can continue your progress either at home or on the road.

Looking for tasty morsels of info on Space Chef? Check out the official press release below.

Hunt down strange alien creatures and plants, then cook ‘em! Deliver your tasty creations to the galaxy’s most unsafe places on your homemade star scooter. In a quirky mix of exploration, cooking and action, you’ll expand your home from a measly kitchen to a five star food factory using mostly junk.

Space Chef is a 2D open world action adventure, with lots of cooking, farming and crafting. Imagine Stardew Valley in space, but with a shotgun and a cook book.


Space Chef is an open-world, err.. open galaxy game combining gun-blasting action with fun cooking, crazy crafting and anything but your usual farming. Explore a vast universe that is different each playthrough. Best of all, bring a friend on your delicious adventures with couch co-op!‏‏‎   ‎ Hunt and gather ingredients - Visit strange alien planets and learn how to capture the tasty creatures before they wipe you out. If violence is not your cup of tea, you’ll do best to avoid alien contact and stick to friendly, yet juicy, plants.

Cook tasty meals - Chop and grill your way to success using a full set of kitchen appliances, built from scrap you’ll find floating around in space. The better the quality of your ingredients, the more you’ll earn.

Deliver to hungry clients - If you’re lucky enough to get a high value order from Zink Z’Boink of sector Z9, you’ll definitely need those plasma cannons. The hungry space pirates will stop at nothing to get their hands on your culinary creations.


Explore the galaxy - Discover planets, abandoned space stations and visit strange settlements. Upgrade your ship to reach further into the unknown. Feeling crazy? Why not chase a high velocity chrystalline asteroid? High risk, high reward!

Farm mysterious plants - Find unusual seeds on distant planets and nurture them in your farm until they’re ready to be harvested. Take good care of them though, or they might escape…

Craft machines and gadgets - Collect all sorts of useful junk floating around in space and put together to build machines that will make your food faster and your life easier.

Mine yourself rich - Using your nifty drill and various dangerous devices, discover valuable resources needed to build that giant thruster grill you’ve always dreamed of. But beware, there are others out there who want them as well.

Prepare for space combat - Upgrade your ship to defend yourself against pirates and competing food delivery services. Or join the pirates and get some very lucrative —and highly illegal— missions. Beware of the galactic police!

Craft awesome helper bots - Dirty kitchen? Get a SuckBot. Annoying friends? Get a SentryBot. Bleeding out? MedBot is on the way. Find rare electronic parts and build yourself a best friend in no time.

Customize your home - Where you work is where you live, so make sure it is cozy. Collect decorations from around the galaxy and, if you’re really lucky, you’ll even find a talking plant to keep you up at night.

Meet hungry characters - On your journey you’ll meet several interesting human and alien characters. Some will help you, some will need your help, but all of them have one thing in common. They need food!

Keep track of time - Each planet has its own day and night cycle. Certain creatures and plants are only accessible at certain times of the day. Also make sure to watch the morning report for the latest on passing traders and dangerously lucrative situations.

Find out who blew up your kitchen - Use your limited detective skills to find out who wanted you out of business. Who’s that suspicious guy at Zlurkas bar that only shows up after midnight? The truth is out there. And it doesn’t taste good.

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