New Japanese overview video for Splatoon 3 shared

Gather round, kids and squids

18 August 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Just a couple of weeks back, fans were feeling quite worried about the drip-feed of information on Splatoon 3. They were eager to know more about the threequel and see more of it in action. Fast-forward to today and we’re now inundated with coverage! We’ve had a Splatoon 3 Direct, plenty of Twitter reveals, and now we’ve got a new Japanese video feature!

The feature above is a lengthy promo video that shows a lot more of Splatoon 3 in action. We get to see some of the new weapons and their abilities, plenty of the new setting, tons of customization options and a lot more. If you’re still hungry for Splatoon 3 content, this video should satiate you a bit longer!

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