Originally developed and published by Sunsoft, ‘Gimmick!’ is a 1992 NES platforming game that was only released in Scandinavia and Japan. 30 years later, developer City Connection and publisher Bitwave Games have gotten their hands on the obscure IP, and has announced that they’re working on a Special Edition of the game with new features such as “achievements, time attack mode, save, load and rewind functions, a gallery mode and more.” For the first time in the west, it will be released for Nintendo Switch sometime in 2022, with Clear River Games also set to distribute physical copies.

The first playable demo of Gimmick! Special Edition will be featured at the Dragon Box booth at Gamescom 2022 later this month, with another demo set to appear at Tokyo Game Show in September.

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2y ago

Is this the game with the dope soundtrack RMC has mentioned on the podcast multiple times recently? If so it's crazy to hear it's getting a re-release! Everyone should thank the Go Nintendo podcast for making this happen!